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Your children get only one childhood. Make the best of it!

Powerful topic, isn’t it? Children get to be children only once! Capitalize on that one-time opportunity! Robbing them of it causes all kinds of problems later on in their adult lives. Michael Jackson and his siblings are a perfect example for all to see.

Children need to play, laugh, cry, scream, … all that good stuff that little children do, while they are young. I remember all the things I had a chance to do as a little girl growing up in the islands. It was even more fun there. Little boys and girls played and played all day long. On school days when it was recess or lunch time - we were playing jump rope, dandy-shandy, hide-n-go-seek, you’re-it and many more games. Then when the school bell rang for time to get back to class, we were always soaking and dripping wet with perspiration and this was every single day! We were so full of energy and stamina!

On the weekends, after rushing through our household chores (something boys and girls could never escape as parents back then were very, very serious about children having chores), we would head outside to play for the remainder of the day. Yes - having almost the entire day to play was something to look forward to. Now on weekends, playtime was far more serious. We climbed trees - yes, girls were like tomboys so this was nothing to us, sat up in those trees as they were usually fruit trees, eating mangoes, June plums, coolie plums, guineps, cherries…you name it. We ate so many different kinds of fruits as kids you’d never believe it! Then after our stomachs were filled, there were many other things to do like playing doll house, hop scotch, dandy-shandy, train/bus ride, making and flying kites, making and riding roller skates, marble-in-the-ring, jacks, bird catching …I could go on and on and on. We had so much to do and we had so much fun! And our parents rarely every bothered us except to urge us not to stay in the sun for so many hours, which we didn’t even care about. The sun - that never stopped us! In fact, we loved feeling the sun on our skin. When it rained, we found another way to have fun. We made boats out of match-box or popsicle sticks and played racing with them in the running water (which was clean by the way), or any other rainy day game we could. Who cared about getting all soaked in the rain. We loved it - and we never got sick from being in the rain either!!!

Another thing was that, we drank a whole lot of water! Being out in the sun and playing around so vigorously - we drank water by the gallons! Can you tell how healthy we all were - eating all those fruits, playing so vigorously and drinking all that water?

This would go on until way up in our teenage years - probably age 15/16 when we moved on to more “adult-type” things like noticing boys/girls, listening to music, preparing for exams, etc.

I still have memories of all this and am ever so thankful that my parents allowed me to be a child when I was one. To this day I love being in the sun. Even in my house, I would seek to be anywhere the sun is coming through so I can soak it all up. And this is all because of my childhood experience of being in it all day long for so many years.

Allow your children playtime. Don’t have them locked up on the house for so many hours. Outside time is instrumental as this allows their socializing skills to grow as well. I had so many little friends I can’t even remember and it really helped me not to become an introvert. I’m still that way. I love socializing and meeting people.

I now have grandchildren (3 so far) and whenever they are with me, they must have outside time so they can play, scream, argue - anything - all they want. Their parents are doing a wonderful job with allowing them to be little children as well and I’m happy about that. They are therefore getting a double-dose of it all which they will talk about in years to some, I’m sure.

What are your views on the subject?

  • I agree wholeheartedly! My childhood memories are beautiful, and a large part of that is the freestyle, play-till-you-drop mentality that my brother, my cousins, and I embodies. Memories of climbing trees, chasing butterflies, and playing our island ring games still put a huge smile across my face! Thank you for creating that environment for us, and thank you for created that environment for

  • You are welcome, sweetie! Wanted you all to have the kind of fun and wonderful memories I was afforded!