Unschooling: What I Know About It

Have you heard of unschooling?  If you have, do you truly know what it means? I’m sure you’re heard of home-schooling but may not have heard about unschooling.

What Is UnSchooling?

My daughter, Akilah Richards, who recently appeared on the Steve Harvey Show regarding this very subject, explains it best.

IMG_4170She says it is a growing movement and considered free-range education and encourages exploration of activities initiated by the children themselves.  She further says “For our daughters, the unschooling philosophy is helping them develop as confident, creative, curious people who know how to get information, process information, and move toward goals they set for themselves. Imperfect and profoundly life-changing, motherhood has certainly raised me. And helped me and my husband raise happy, curious people. Every child has that same capacity, and some of them can be supported through alternative learning environments like homeschooling, or like my family, unschooling.”  See her recent blogpost here at: http://www.radicalselfie.com

IMG_4108I have seen the wonders of unschooling displayed right before my very eyes.  My two grand daughters, children of Akilah and her husband, Kris, are astute, witty, very sharp, inquisitive, self-reliant, multi-lingual, great conversationalists, very active and are up-to-date on current affairs.  Unschooling did this!  They have learned more than they would in a traditional classroom.  They started out attending regular schooling but kept feeling left behind as the pace was too slow for their sharp, inquisitive minds.  They even got picked on by other students because of this.  With the inquisitive minds these girls were born with, their parents then made the smart decision for them to learn at a pace that was comfortable for them – and THAT was unschooling.

Mr. Harvey took a poll during the show and the below were the results.  I can guarantee you that in the months to come, the amount of “yes’s” will significantly increase, as people begin to understand more of the wonders of this great movement — unschooling.IMG_4176

Want to Learn More About UnSchooling?

Here are the links to some of Akilah’s offerings regarding unschooling:



On Amazon, you can find a book called Our Transition Into Unschooling: Raising independent thinking, information seeking, self-directed lovers of learning and life all through school-free living.”

  • Thanks so much for sharing this information, Mom! I believe that is option is one that many parents should explore, and that it can help liberate children from environments that are not conducive to real learning.