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The Slight Edge…

We drove to Clarkesvill, TN again this weekend - just a one-day trip this time - and on the way back, listened to "The Slight Edge" audio book by Jeff Olson. What a lesson! Now, due to inclement weather, a 4-hour trip took us 7 hours...yes, 7 hours but you know, I didn't mind at all!!

This is an audio book that I have listened to before but somehow, this time, I heard things I didn't those times before. Of particular interest was the portion on Harnessing the Power of habit. We certainly do many things by just sheer habit and if we could just adopt good ones...really good ones...we'd surprise ourselves.

Another subject - Harnessing the power of celebration! My goodness. I sat like a sponge, sopping it all up. Forget about Harnessing the power of reflection!

My friends, if you have never listened to this audio book, I invite you to go ahead. I'm not done listening yet. I've put it aside for the next couple days due to upcoming mid-term exams. By Thursday, I'll be back at it.

So, move the slight edge!!

  • Thanks for sharing this eye/ear/soul opening information! I'll be looking into it!