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The Grandchild Effect

Before I had grandchildren, I used to hear people talking about how joyful it was to have a grandchild, and the wonderful effect it had on them.  They often brag about the things the child does or says and also about the things they as a grandparent would do for the child.  Not to mention the warnings they almost always get about possibly “spoiling” the child.

May I say that I’m living it.  I am blessed with three granddaughters and they are the light that shines brightly in my life.  Don’t get me wrong, I adore my own children (my youngest has not yet given me a grand), but my grandchildren does something completely different for me.  Their little faces.  Their expressions.  The words they use.  Their singing and dancing they do without even being asked.  Their wisdom.  I have learned so much from them.  The grandchild effect is wonderful!

Surprisingly, though, some of us don't relish the effect that a grandchild can have on us.  I know folks who would dare not have a grandchild call them "grandma" or "grandma" in public.  The feeling is that it makes them really feel old.  "Are you really serious right now?" I asked one person.  "Oh yes!" she replied.  "I'm not ready to be anybody's grandma; I'm still to young to be called that!"  How sad, I thought.  How very sad.

Folks who behave this way are surely missing out on -- that wonderful grandchild effect.