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The Advantages of Having My Children At An Early Age

I started having my children really early in life. I'm from the Caribbean - Jamaica to be exact - and getting pregnant at an early age was not frowned upon back then (1977) the way it is today. I had graduated high school and obtained a great position as an accounting secretary to a successful CPA. I was 18 years old, fresh out of high school and met my boyfriend shortly after that. Oh - I thought I knew it all - despite warnings from my parents to take everything slow (you know the drill). Before I knew it, I was 19 years old and pregnant!! It altered my plans for further schooling and other things, but it didn't matter...I was having my baby, whom I gave birth to at age 20! That baby turned out to be our very own Execumama - Akilah! I often look at her and wonder, what if I thought about not having her because I was too young? Look what I would have been missing!!

Because I was so young, my daughter and I, throughout the years, were mistaken for sisters! Yes, and that remained the same way for many years (not sure about the present time...don't want to sound as if I'm bragging). Because of our age, I was able to meet and enjoy her friends (whom I really like by the way); be her friend and confidant; share clothes, shoes, accessories, perfumes - - all that good stuff that girlfriends do!

Her brother Howard, came along 3 years later and it was pretty much the same thing! His friends thought I was his bigger sister, and some even tried flirting with me (of course he would gnarl at them, telling them not to mess with his Mama!).

Then 10 years later - after I was through with childbearing - along came the "washbellly" (a term used in the Caribbean for your last child)! Oh was I mad! I was finished with this thing of childbearing! I was now older (32 years old), had been going about the daily business of life and this boy showed up! This was however a different ordeal!!! I didn't have the endurance, the strength (or whatever it was that I had when I was younger) to deal with a baby! Spent much of the months in my pregnancy being mad with myself - and the daddy, of course!! As a result, I'm told by Howard and Akilah that Jared (the washbelly) got away with so much more than they did. He is now 20 years old today.

I still get told that I'm not really their mom - that I look too young for that - which I do of course, appreciate!! Yeah!! I'm now, as a result, a young grandma and...I LOVE IT!!!



  • Great post, and LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, the new blog layout! Very soft, subtle and beautiful! Very good representation of you! Go Blogisha!

  • What a great post! I also love that my daughter is now 20 and I have a whole new phase of life on its way. The woman I nanny for is only two years younger than me (44) and her little 14-month old boy is her first child! I am so glad I did it when I was in my 20's and not at my age -- don't think I'd have the strength!!

    On a different note -- I just listed you as one of

  • Loved the entry mommy Val! By the way, I concur @ how great you look. I still want to see your license to confirm your age. 🙂