Embracing Technology As A 50-Pluser

Surprisingly, many of us 50-plusers are refusing to embrace technology! Take for example, something as simple as having an e-mail address.  I’m still meeting people who are saying they’re not interested, they don’t have the time, that’s all young people stuff…  Really?  In today’s world? Keyboard1

Now, no one is asking that we all go out and get a Master’s Degree in Computer Technology or Computer Science.  All I’m saying is that we at least should be somewhat technically savvy.

I remember being reluctant to join the Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/Pinterest crowd, but it got to a point where I simply had no choice but to do so.  Everyone I know, including my three little granddaughters ages 11, 9 and 8, are quite up-to-date technology-wise.  They have their own little gadgets, know how to access the various websites for programs that are appropriate for them, how to post something, research, play games and even have their own email addresses.  Now THAT woke me up! I wasn’t going to be left behind!

Most contact these days are made either via text or email as everyone is quite busy with one thing or another.  I understand that because that certainly is my story.  Therefore, I very often don’t have time for a lengthy phone call with anyone and I’m finding that sometimes sending a touching-base-with-you text right quick, works, and it appears to be the general feeling of many of us out there.

Facebook allowed me found some of my long-lost friends – from childhood days – and I’m oh so happy that I found them.  How else could I have found my little playmates from way back when?  I now even have access to pictures of family members and friends that I wouldn’t otherwise have, due to their posting and sharing on Facebook.  It’s the best thing ever!  I’ve often reflected on what I would have been missing had  I not made the decision to embrace technology!

As for Instagram – what a joy!  Pictures and musings of things as they happen are posted and I get to be friends with people from all over the world.  I’m quick to post pictures of my salads, smoothies, juices and other meal items for the world to see, and not to mention selfies! Lol! The moment I get all dressed up to go out, a selfie is in order.  It’s so much fun!

What if at 50-plus I hadn’t decided to embrace technology?  What if I had ignored the request of my children to “get with the times, mom!”  Then I was simply going to be left behind.

Folks, it’s nothing but fun.  Social media is not meant to share your personal and private business with the world.  It’s meant for fun — and it is indeed fun!!

If you’re one of the 50plusers who still can’t see the need to get onboard the Facebook, Instagram, email, Twitter, or Pinterest bandwagon – think again.  If you don’t want to be left behind, you really, really should.  They will open you up to a whole new world.