Still Partying at 50-Plus

PaaartyLast night I went to my friend Janet’s 50th birthday and what a splash it was!

Janet is the baby in my girlfriend group so she is just now turning 50 and loving it.  In fact, most of the guests there had already turned 50 so it was a nice, mature atmosphere.

We rode around in a limo for an hour, just vibing, toasting, laughing and having a super wonderful girlfriends time.  The limo then took us to a lovely nearby park for pictures which we took in sex-in-the-city style!  Woo wee!!

Who says you can’t party like you used to once you turn 50?  Well, whoever did is wrong…so very wrong!  The dance floor was filled all night and was never empty at any point.  No matter the genre of music that was played, we were dancing like crazy to everyone of them.

The ambiance, food, cake and drinks, the mingling that went on, the guests there, the music …everything was really wonderful.

Parties for 50-plusers are super enjoyable so if you ever get the chance to attend one, don’t ever pass it up!

A Birthday Celebration

This past weekend, my oldest son Howard celebrated his 30th birthday. Now this is a child who has had two major heart surgeries as a tiny kid, and who has beaten the odds from all angles. Tough kid! Dubbed “the miracle baby” back then in 1980 by his attending nurses at the University Hospital in Kingston, Jamaica, he simply had the will to live.

We celebrated this glorious occasion by hosting a Sunday evening dinner at my home. The Evite was sent out to nearby family and a few close friends which turned out to be approximately 30 people. Some unexpected guests came along, but they were folks that we were more than happy to have there.

Great food was served which consisted of pineapple chicken, stewed kidney beans with jerked tofu and vegeburger, tuna- macaroni salad, shrimp-pasta salad, rice & peas, plain Jasmine rice, baked ripe plantains and a fruity vegetable salad were the items on the menu. Of course there were Red Stripe and Corona beers, a variety of wine coolers, Jamaican white rum, wines of several varieties, iced tea, fruit juices and sodas were on the menu as well. Last, but certainly not least, was the birthday cake purchased from Sam’s Wholesale Club – a gorgeous all-white coconut cake!

We played music mostly reggae music (on the home stereo [need a Boze!]) since everyone in attendance was from the Caribbean. Notwithstanding all that great grooving music, of course you know we had to have our Michael Jackson segment. Oh boy! The grand-girls were in hog heaven! Every single MJ shot that was played was danced and sung to until the very end. Smooth Criminal and PYT were the ultimate! Mama-say-mama-saah-mama-makoosah!!! Michael we really miss you, man!

Later in the evening, little Sage played hostess and walked around offering a drink of water to everyone in sight. When she arrived at my table and offered me water, I told her that I was fine and didn’t need any. She decided that “no – you look a little tired so you do need it!” How could I refuse after hearing that? She sauntered away and half-way towards the refrigerator, she turned right back and asked me in the nicest little voice imaginable, “do you want your ice crushed or cubed? Crushed or cubed? What four year-old alive knows about ice being crushed or cubed? Well, apparently Sage does. I was floored! Of course I told her crushed (the way I really like my ice anyway) and couldn’t wait to get my water with crushed ice. That was the nicest cup of ice water I’ve ever had! I really needed it after all.

Everyone ate, drank, sang, danced, chatted, and reminisced through the remainder of the evening. It was so much fun! Eventually everyone started leaving for their respective homes. Sad moment that was for me! I never like it when they leave! But all in all, it was a most enjoyable 30th birthday celebration for Howard!!!