We Must Save Our Own Lives

It’s really sad, but I have found that once you’ve hit 50-plus, you begin to hear more than ever, of acquaintances, friends or family members who have become very ill or who have passed.  I agree that the cycle of life must continue and it’s for this reason that at this time, you begin to hear much of this sad news.

I’m finding that several middle-aged people have become seriously ill and have passed away from what seems to be age-related illnesses.  That is why it is of utmost importance for us to start taking care of our bodies at an early age.  Even if you have to begin in your 40s, 50s or 60s–go right ahead with eating right, exercising, minimizing stress–any activity that can lengthen your life-span.

With regards to stress, I am now learning of yet another middle-aged person I know who is now suffering from stage 4 cancer, has been transferred to Hospice Care and have been given a few months to live.  I also know that she had been having quite a bit of stress in her life lately.  I’m positive that this is the main contributor to her illness right now.

I lost a friend just under 6 months ago to the very same thing–a stressful marriage, which led to stage 4 cancer and to her ultimate and quick demise.  These are not the only 2 people I know of either.

I can’t emphasize enough that we MUST choose ourselves in every situation.  We cannot let life issues and circumstances break our bodies down, leading to our own demise.  I know that we can sometimes be genetically predisposed to certain illnesses, but there is no hard and fast rule that it will in fact happen to us.  If we take charge of our lives, it may very well skip us.  If your job or business is stressful – change it; if your relationship with your loved one is stressful – get help or get out; if you are inactive or lead a mostly sedentary lifestyle – get on your feet now and start moving.  We MUST save our own lives.  I’m seeing too much of this happening lately.

My mother is going on 93 years old and has no illnesses whatsoever.  She has always been active–walked to just about anywhere she could, never let anyone or anything cause her stress – she simply got rid of whatever the situation was, and mostly ate a plant-based diet or meats from animals she or someone she knew raised.  See what I mean?  That right there is your recipe for longevity.  Hello!!!!

Middle-agers, 50, 60 and 70-plusers let’s begin to save our own lives!!!

My Reclaim-Rebel Wellness Journey (Day 7)

Folks, day 7 was WATER-FASTING DAY!  Something I have never, ever done.  The entire day was spent consuming nothing but plain and/or coconut water.

Started out pretty well until I got to around noon time.  The growling in my stomach began.  To rectify that, I simply drank more water until I was full.

A wonderful flush for the kidneys for sure.  Many, many, many visits to the bathroom.

I stayed away from pictures or discussions of food because I knew that being as hungry as I was, it would have been easy to grab something…anything in sight.

photo (1)

Carried on until around 6:00pm then I started getting a slight headache along with a lethargic feeling.  I simply told myself that the best thing to do at this point was to go to bed early.

I did exactly that, so by 7:00pm I was out like a light!!

I woke up the next morning feeling so proud of myself for sticking the process out and for rewarding my body (particularly as a woman over 50) with this wonderful flush and for allowing my stomach muscles to relax for a day.

The next go-round is the fruitarian segment, where I eat only raw foods–nothing with any form of heat applied to it–which would mostly be fruits, vegetables, and nuts.

My ReclaimRebel Wellness Journey (Days 1 – 6)

ReclaimRebelBannerI have decided to join four fellow rebel-reclaimers (Akilah Richards of Execumama.com,  Trelani Hall Duncan of Sofundamental.com,  Katrina Harrell @NovemberSage and Monique Halley of Simplyblissliving.com ) in reclaiming my temple and rebelling against the trend of the unwell.  I had only recently (over the last year or so)  made a decision to eat less gluten, more fruits and vegetable, and to cut down significantly on sugar, but I nevertheless enthusiastically welcome this Reclaim Rebellion journey.  This will certainly serve to bolster my decision and will be right in line with my aging-well lifestyle that I’ve embraced.


This is a 38-day journey broken down as follows:

— 7 days of transitioning into the journey

— 1 day of water fasting

— 20 days fruitarianism

— 5 days vegan

— 5 days vegetarian

Days 1 through 6 were quite easy and helped me get a better grasp on my wellness journey, particularly as a 50-plus woman.

I started eating even more fruits and vegetables by replacing at least one daily meal with a fruit or with a vegetable salad.  Having a fruit-only meal is fun…it really is! Watermelon for lunch is filling, refreshing, nourishing, satisfying…ok — let me stop!  Another example is eating an entire pineapple for breakfast, then drinking lots of water afterwards.  Super delicious!  Other times I had a green vegetable salad (lettuce or kale with cucumbers) for dinner, and used a blend of mango and tomato as my salad dressing.  Extremely delicious.  These choices are in direct lining with my impending 20 days of fruitarianism.ReclaimRebel1

I’m ready– both physically and psychologically.

Ready for how great I will feel.  Ready for the weight I will lose.  Ready for the feeling of satisfaction I will get from sticking steadfastly to a journey that’s rewarding to my health and well-being in more ways than one.

Join me as I chronicle this life-changing journey.  You may be tempted to try it.  In fact, I’m hoping you will.

Preventive Care for the 40-plus and over

So I had my annual physical done today and am happy to have that over and done with for another year. Preventive care, once you hit the 40s, is extremely important. I’m sure you already know this.

What you’re actually doing by exercising preventive care, is preparing for a healthier tomorrow. We all would love to have a healthier tomorrow, don’t we? The we must keep abreast and in tuned with what’s going on with our own bodies.

You might be surprised as to what can happen in a year – the date you had your last physical to the date your next one comes around. Remember that many diseases are age-related hence the reason for staying on top of things. Things like diabetes, high blood pressure, osteoporosis, stroke, cancer, high cholesterol, vision impairment, hearing impairment, heart conditions – just to name a few. When you stay abreast and manage your own health, you’re prolonging your own life. If, for example, the doctor warns you about your numbers regarding becoming pre-diabetic getting a bit close, you have a strong chance of not getting the disease at all if you properly manage your health. This scenario actually happened to a friend of mine. She was determined that she was NOT going to have it and she got to work, managing her health to keep that number down!

If you follow some of the general rules of staying healthy, i.e., eating healthfully, staying active, not smoking, drink plenty of water, reduce stress and anxiety levels, maintain a healthy weight, etc., you are bound to stay ahead of the health game.

Despite probably being genetically predisposed to any of the various diseases, I believe that if we make the decision to properly manage our own health, we’re doing our own selves a huge medical favor.

I’m a firm believer in preventive care and try to live accordingly. My parents always had a saying which I have held steadfast to over the years: “An ounce of prevention is BETTER than a pound of care.” Powerful statement, isn’t it?

Going Green Is Easier Than You Think


Yes, friends. Going green is easier than you think. We must be environmentally conscious these days in pursuing a green lifestyle. Taking some very small steps could turn you into the go-to person for ideas on going green before you know it. Besides, there’s a plethora of information out there today on the internet, in books and in magazines to assist you if you have no idea where to begin.

One example is simply changing the lightbulbs in your home to LED and CFL bulbs. Massive yearly savings can be derived from doing this.

I pursue recycling relentlessly in my own home. (It’s a joke in the family.) I have three containers in my kitchen – one each for glass, plastic and paper. You would be surprised how quickly these containers get filled up from items you use constantly. On a Wednesday when the recycling truck rolls around, my containers are already at the curbside for pickup.

Become health-conscious and choose organic alternatives for your foods, particularly if you’re 40-plus and older. Your health as an older person depends on this.  This might not always be possible but even supporting local growers by buying from local farmers markets or even growing your own herbs and vegetables! Incidentally, growing your own is a ton of fun. You should really try it!

When shopping at the market or supermarket, bring your own reusable tote-bags. This is so much easier and you save yourself from accumulating a ton of those annoying little plastic bags that end up in a pile in your kitchen or in your car!

Take public transportation, ride or walk if you can to your destination. I loved taking the train to work back in my 9-5 days! I got a chance to sight-see, read or do a crossword puzzle while someone else did the driving! Walking to the nearest park was great for my workout routine in the Spring and Summer seasons as well and I saved, saved, saved on gas!

There are a ton of other ways to go green which I will save for another post, but friends, really look into becoming environmentally conscious and choose to use some of the many ways there are out there to go green. Our world depends on this.

Why Pursue Lifetime Exercise?

Did you know that in addition to helping you maintain a healthy weight, increasing energy, and reducing abdominal fat, life-time exercise can in fact (and particularly as we age):

1.   Increase good cholesterol (HDL) and lower triglycerides

2.   Improve heart health

3.   Reduce stress, depression, anxiety and cognitive decline

4.   Lower blood pressure and the risk of stroke

5.   Improve sleep

6.   Reduce joint pain

7.   Reduce the risk of diabetes

8.   Increase bone density, therefore reducing osteoporosis

9.   Lower the risk of many cancers

There are many other benefits with which I’m sure you’re quite familiar, but these are just some of the obvious one.

Will this convince you to get up and start moving?  I hope so.