Good Eats!

Yes, friends.  As I get more accustomed to eating less meat and more vegetables (I’m already a fruit freak), I’m totally enjoying the ride.  VegetariCurryVeggieCookup1an and vegan meals are super delicious, something I thought I would never be able to say!

Take for example this dish of curried cooked-up veggies, rice and kidney beans, avocado and plantains.  Let me tell you!!    This tofu cook-up I did sometime ago was excellent as well.  TofuCookUp

I’m finding that having several meatless days in the week is really helping to keep my weight in check to an extent. In fact I’m only tempted by some good Jamaican-style curried goat or oxtails.  Other than that, the vegetarian way of eating is mostly what is done.

Bravo!  Kinda proud!


I Did It! I Completed My ReclaimRebel Journey!


Well, my 38-day Reclaim-Rebel Wellness Journey has come to an end with great results. As a reminder, this journey was broken down as follows:

–7 days of transitioning into the journey

–1 day of water fasting

–20 days fruitarianism

–5 days vegan

–5 days vegetarian

When I started the journey, I weighed 166.2 lbs and now at the end of the journey, I’m weighing 158.1 lbs. An 8 pound weight loss is good enough for me! I wasn’t trying to lose much more than that…10 pounds was my maximum.

My biggest gain from this journey is that my eating habits have changed drastically and will now be a permanent one.

The 1-day water fast gave me my biggest jumpa loss of 3 lbs in one single day!!

I was at my happiest with the 20 days of raw food eating. For the first time in my life I had one fruit as a meal (called a mono-meal). 4 lbs of watermelon, or 4 huge mangoes, or half of a large papaya, or half of a pineapple. Refreshing and uber delicious. In this phase I also became a salad expert and was anxiously looking forward to making my next salad each time. My salads were filling and colorful as I mixed various raw vegetables with fruits to make them. You should see my rainbow plates. Then for dressings, they were usually a blend of a fruit and a vegetable…tomato and peach, tomato and mango, watermelon and green bell pepper, apple and celery…I could go on and on.

It was time for the 5-day vegan phase and I was quite reluctant to get out of the fruitarian phase. Enjoyed it so much!! I went in on the 3 day of this phase but still kept eating my raw vegetables and of course, fruits. I longed for a hard-boiled egg but stuck it out.

The last phase – the 5-day vegetarian, was welcomed as I could now eat everything except meat and dairy. That was fine with me.

This journey woke me up to the goodness of a plant-based diet. I never thought was this doable. Contrary popular belief, there is whole lot to eat on this diet.

I certainly don’t miss eating beef (not to mention oxtails…I’m Jamaican). Going forward, I will be eating according to this journey and will probably have wild-caught fish and/or hormone-free chicken on certain occasions, but as a rule, my diet will be based on this 38-day journey.

I wish to thank Akilah Richards of for introducing me to this awesome way of eating. It has truly changed my way of eating and subsequently…my life.


Food Garden for Spring 2014

My food garden is growing and I’m feeling so proud!  I’m a big supporter of eating locally and also of growing what you eat, and eating what you grow.  It is a known fact that we must have good eating habits (if we haven’t already) as we age.  It’s never too late to start so even starting in your 50s is fine — but start somewhere.

Every Spring, I have the custom of planting a food garden at my daughter and her family’s house. My granddaughters and son-in-law would jump right in and get their knees and hands all dirty to make the garden happen. This year, it’s being done at my house but we had a late start. This past winter was extremely long and I had second thoughts about growing a vegetable garden. Anyhow, Sage – my middle granddaughter – manged to encourage me to still go ahead with growing a garden so of course, I acquiesced.

Vege Garden startersHere’s a pictures of my little seedlings (tomatoes, peppers, arugula, basil and cilantro) when they just started showing their little heads.

Vege Garden Paks

Some of them have now been transferred to the actual garden in the backyard and of course, we are excited!!

Look out for future posts with my garden at it’s different stages.

The Anti-Aging Benefits of Green Tea

TeaGreenI’m sure you’ve heard over and over about the many benefits of drinking green tea.  In case you haven’t, here are some of the results of several studies.

Green tea blasts fat!  According to these studies, it is recommended that you have two or more servings of green tea daily, and in three or so months you may notice some weight loss.

Green tea is a cancer fighter! These studies also say that drinking three or more cups of green tea per week for at least six months, actually lowers the risk for cancers of the digestive system in women by 14 percent.

These same studies further go on to say that green tea improves your memory and even cuts those blood sugar spikes we often get!  Green tea contains Epigallocatechin Gallate (EGCG) which is a powerful anti-oxidant polyphenol, which is excellent for the brain. The same EGCG blocks the enzyme needed for us to digest many of the starchy foods we often consume.

Polyphenols help also to repair cell damage, which is very important as we age.  Green tea leaves are not baked during the production process, so they retain more active catechins (a powerful antioxidant group) than black tea.

As we get older, and particularly if you’re someone that’s living with osteoporosis, it is recommended that we switch to green so that its phytochemicals can stimulate bone formation and help slow its breakdown.  In one study, certain green tea components boosted an enzyme that promotes bone growth and blocked the activity of cells that weaken bones.

Is all this information enough for you to start drinking green tea?  It should be.  There are many brands and types of green teas around and they can be found everywhere these days.  This should be a part of our daily regimen as middle-age people.  I have been drinking green tea on a regular basis at least for the last 5 years and I thoroughly enjoy doing so.  Make the switch today–if you haven’t yet.  Will you?





Are you confused diet-wise?  Most of us are…and if you noticed, I said “us.”  There are so many different diets out there and different ones work for different people.

Which ones have you tried?  I have tried Atkins, Weight Watchers, Nutrisystem, Paleo and am now about to try the 80/10/10.  I can tell you that I have lost weight with every one that I have tried, but still have not found one that I would stick to for life.  I’m hoping that this latest one will do the trick.
The 80/10/10 (80% carbohydrates, 10% proteins, 10% fats) diet looks similar to the lifestyle I have now adopted – eat a plant-based diet and stick with that permanently.  Not sure if I can do raw with some vegetables though.  Even nuking some of my veges a tad bit is what would work for me.
I can eat fruits all day long.  Most people can, I believe.  Being a Caribbean native where there was a plethora of fruits, there were days when all I ate were fruits – for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks!  Now for vegetables – somewhat the same except that they would probably go alongside a meal.  I was a skinny girl growing up as a result of this way of eating.
Now as a mature 50-plus adult, I’m heading back into that same direction.  It worked back then and I’m sure it will work now.
How about you? Which ones have you tried?  Which ones worked?

How Does My Garden Grow?

I missed this year’s annual planting of my Spring garden with my grand daughters.  For some strange reason though, that feeling and urge to still do some planting kept hammering at me.  So, the Spring season came and went.  Summer came and went as well and  I managed to suppress the strong urge for those two seasons.  Then came Autumn, and the urge to plant only got stronger and stronger.

To make matters worse, I took a trip to New York for my younger cousin’s wedding and happened to swing by a childhood friend’s home nearby.  She took me outside to her backyard and immediately, an out-of-body experience took place.  My “planting urge” hit me almost to the ground when I saw Marie’s beautifully planted yard!  The front was filled with beautiful zinnias and other colorful flowers too numerous to mention.  Her backyard was also filled with flowers, and there were vegetables and fruits of all description.  Mind you, my backyard is three times the size of hers, yet she managed to fill her entire yard with maybe up to four times more than I would have done in mine!   She had various types of herbs, vegetables, fruits, edible and inedible flowers which gave the yard the feeling of just wanting to spread a blanket and just laying there the entire day.

I spent three days at Marie’s house (of course canceling my prior arrangement to stay elsewhere) and just couldn’t get enough of this beautifully planted-up yard.  I began to wish that I lived in New York — that I lived next door to Marie’s beautiful yard.  I also wished I didn’t have to leave!  I wanted to see this yard every single day!  This was my new inspiration!

I couldn’t wait to get home to finally release this monster inside of me to plant, plant, plant!  I know Winter is only a few months away, but that’s no deterrent to me.  I’ll just have to find Fall-friendly flowers and vegetables to plant so I can release the tension I’m having in my green thumb this year.

It’s on now!!