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Really...what does age have to do with it? Almost every day I run across women who absolutely refuse to tell their age. Why? Why is this the forbidden question?

Recently, I was in the ladies room at my office and ran across our cleaning lady.  She is an obviously elderly woman, has a tiny frame, smiles a lot, usually very pleasant, and a very physically strong woman.  She often brags about being a bank executive in her younger days and that cleaning bathrooms was just a retirement job.  She pushes her much loaded cart that carries cleaning supplies and equipment (which is quite a bit) with such strength and speed that would make any young person jealous.

On this particular day after her usual greeting of "hi, hello, how's your day going today?", and my usual response that the day was going fine, I commended her on how well she moves around with her cart and proceeded to ask her how old she was.  Oh my gosh? She turned purple! "Oh I don't ever say, I don't ever say!" she replied and was obviously annoyed at being asked.  Here I was, getting ready to compliment her on how strong she seemed, pushing her rather heavy cart through our office corridors, cleaning each bathroom on all ten floors twice every single day.  She obviously found me to be intrusive so I quickly apologized and went back to desk.  I shared the story with a few co-workers and found out they had similar experiences with her after getting ready to compliment her on her marvelous strength she displays every day. She's one among many women - young and old - who responds in a similar manner when asked that question.  Keep in mind that this question is usually asked in response to something that person said or did and many times, a compliment is what would follow.  But, no! It is often misconstrued as the person asking the question being intrusive and getting ready to tell them how old they look.  What nonsense! They’re not realizing they just missed a heck of a compliment!

Women, embrace your age!  As for me, I most certainly do.  I am as young as I feel (and I do feel young) and as a result, I act that way.  My thoughts, actions, what I eat...almost anything I do, show that I think and feel that way.  Whenever I'm out with my granddaughters and one of them happen yell out "Grandma", I oftentimes have someone ask me "did she just call you grandma?" You should see the grin on my face! I remember as a little girl, thinking that anyone aged 40 or over was considered old.  Once I hit my 30s, that thought went out the door.

In this day and age, people are taking better care of themselves and are living longer lives.  I have no time to start thinking or feeling old before I really am old. Why is this so? Because, I am as young as I feel.


I'm mellowing with age.  Yes - I know that and I'm not by any means afraid to admit it.  And, that is not just with the way I look.  It's my thoughts, feelings, actions, decisions, desires, deeds ... almost every aspect that I can think of.  I woke up to this reality (that I'm mellowing with age) a couple years ago and here's why I say this:


I'm finding as I get older that certain things that used to big a big deal, really don't matter anymore.  I now feel as if I wasted so much time, energy, feelings, thoughts, etc. into these certain things.  One of them is - what people thought about me.  Oh my goodness!  Was I the biggest I-have-to-please-everybody kind of girl.  I never ever wanted anyone to be mad at me therefore I hardly ever said the word "no" to anyone.  I always felt that I had to make everyone happy.  Being this way robbed me of many things (on which I couldn't elaborate in this blog)...but I got older and of course, wiser.

Another aspect is the way I dressed.  I dress so much better now and as a result, look younger than I did even up to eight years ago.  I look back at some of my pictures from back then and wondered why didn't someone say something to me?  Even the way I styled my hair.  I just can't figure that one out!  Now I'm the queen of accessories (according to my children) and may I mention - and of nice purses!  I'm even into wearing belts now.  A marked improvement!

Yet another aspect -- my whole outlook on life.  I'm much more confident with who I am, much more sociable and more optimistic than I was as a younger girl.  If I knew and felt then what I know and feel now, there's no telling how much further in life I would be today.

My moods are another aspect.  I'm much more jovial, I take things and people less seriously, I smile more, I choose my battles more, I have a higher level of tolerance and...I could go on and on.

And so I embrace getting older.  Yes - I love my fifties!  No wonder I went back to school in my fifties.  My whole outlook on everything is now so different.  My fifties are indeed my best decade ever!


I celebrate getting older. I surely do! I'm wiser, happier, more healthy, all that good stuff. I find I have so many exciting things to do. It's as if a 24-hour day is too short for me. It's between work, school, extra-curricular activities, the grandchildren, my elderly mom, having one-on-one with my three grown ups and my niece at their much to do, man! If only I could take a pill and it does for my body what sleep does, you know I would be on that constantly!! Yes I would!! When my weekend comes to end, it's as if I'm mad at the world. I wasn't done having fun yet! How dare it come to an end!

I have friends and relatives I would love to spend more time with - enjoy a meal, the movies, dancing, or just plain old girl talk with. For my friends at work, I have just a measly one hour to work with. Imagine that!! Then my friend who worked tirelessly to put my wedding in such beautiful order - I can't even get to see the girl! Then there's my friend who no longer works at my office (but I'm still in touch with her). My high school friends who are spread out all over the USA. My daughter, niece and a friend my daughter worked with at another lawfirm who's now my friend too - - all these wonderful folks. Now isn't that crazy?  But, like they say - you've gotta make the time to do what you truly want to do. So, I'm in need of suggestions! You may be able to think of some that I can't so feel free to throw them my way.
I'm waiting!!!!