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During my Humanities class last Thursday, my 5-year old grand-daughter Marley, sent me a text (yes she knows how to, reads very fluently and speaks very well) just saying hello.  After class, I returned her text and she replied asking me what was I doing. I told her I was on my way home from school.  She then sent me a text saying "call me", so I did.

"Hi my li'l are you?" "I'm fine grandma...grandma! I didn't know grandmas go to school?" "Some of them do," I replied. "But how come?" she asked. "I thought school was for children?" I then proceeded to explain to her that for some adults who never had the chance earlier on in their lives to complete their education, they return to school later in life to do so.  She wanted to know if there were children in my class, if the teacher was younger than I was, if there were other grandmas and grandpas in the class...all sorts of questions.  I could picture her little face when she hit me with the barrage of questions.

After answering them all as best as I could, she said she understood and wished me good luck, reminding me to make sure I always do my homework! Look at what I've now  lived to grand-daughter reminding me about my schoolwork! It was such a great feeling! She now knows that anyone can go to school at any age, as long as you have the drive and the desire to complete your education...which by the way, I do. I'm in the process of completing my degree.

I believe I'm setting an example for her and my other grandchildren to show the importance of education.