Uncertainty. Do You Embrace the Wisdom It Can Bring?

Chatanooga TNUncertainty can sometimes be a good thing, giving room to open up a whole new world.  This picture of me is an excellent example of how an unplanned trip to Chattanooga, TN turned out to be one of my best one-day trips ever.  A truly exciting trip it was!

This past year went by with quite a bit of uncertainty with many things, the results of which proved to be quite rewarding.  In prior years, my life was just one big having-my-ducks-all-in-a-row circle for pretty much everything I did.

Quote from Dr. Chopra About Uncertainty

Deepak Chopra, MD, founder of the Chopra Center for Well Being once said: “I embrace the wisdom of uncertainty, because if everything is certain, where is the creativity?’

After reading that quote in the May 2015 issue of Oprah Magazine, it opened up a whole new world for me. Such truth! Creativity is a wonderful thing. It means ingenuity. Inventiveness. Resourcefulness. Vision. Innovation. Originality. Inspiration!!

Living your life in a way that everything you do or want to do must be certain, planned or scheduled can be crippling. A really cool friend helped me realize this, as throughout my younger life, that was my normal way of living.

As I age and have now become this 50-plus woman who is a bit more wiser, I leave room for creativity by working very hard to let go of being certain, scheduling or planning every single move I make.  It’s actually working well and it feels great! It has opened up my world!  So many new things have now come to mind. Things I can now do, places I can now go, people I can now see, things I can make, instruments I can and have always wanted to learn to play, activities I can participate in — my cup runneth over!  Lol…

Have I been my own drill sergeant?  It looks that way, doesn’t it?  It’s just that I’ve always loved having almost every aspect of my life carefully planned and scheduled.  So much that I was often teased about it by my close friend.  My profession in the legal field over the years is partially to be blamed. Lol!!  Mind you, there will still be things that do need to be planned, organized and/or scheduled.  I’m actually talking about no longer doing so in every single aspect of my life.  Enough already!

It is now time for creativity!  Yes – the time has come.  Now that I’m approaching my 60s, this is a time when I want to be doing new things and in particular, things I’ve always wanted to use my creativeness and resourcefulness to accomplish.

Dr. Chopra was right and his quote was timely. I most certainly embrace the wisdom of uncertainty.

What are your thoughts on his quote?  Have you been doing that in your life?  Share your thoughts with me.

A Celebration of Life…Not a Funeral!

I just returned from the funeral of a relative in Florida and while I sat there during the funeral service, reality set in.  You might ask how come it’s just now setting in so let me correct myself by saying…reality set further in.

As we continue to age, we middle-agers are now experiencing the reality of our parents and other older relatives becoming sick or disabled and the entire process that comes along with that, until the day they pass.  Then there’s the preparation for the viewing, the funeral and the repast.

When I was a young girl, a funeral was an entirely sad occasion.  Today it’s more of a celebration of the life of the deceased.  People are now beginning to say that their loved one would have wanted a celebration…not an entire two days of constant mourning and sadness.

Families go all out at these celebrations these days.  Good food, music,a  meet-and-greet for those who haven’t seen each other for ages (yes–sometimes several years!)…an unplanned family reunion for sure.

That is what this one I attended turned out to be and it was great!  We ended up spending the entire day together for a funeral that started at 10:00am.  E-mail addresses and phone numbers were exchanged.  iPhones and iPads were pulled out to show pictures to bring each other up to date.  Singing, dancing, picture-taking, reminiscing on the life of the deceased…just a wonderful celebration overall.

I much rather the occasion being called a “celebration” and certainly not a “funeral” because after all, everyone was gathered to celebrate the life of the deceased…not the passing.

Food Garden for Spring 2014

My food garden is growing and I’m feeling so proud!  I’m a big supporter of eating locally and also of growing what you eat, and eating what you grow.  It is a known fact that we must have good eating habits (if we haven’t already) as we age.  It’s never too late to start so even starting in your 50s is fine — but start somewhere.

Every Spring, I have the custom of planting a food garden at my daughter and her family’s house. My granddaughters and son-in-law would jump right in and get their knees and hands all dirty to make the garden happen. This year, it’s being done at my house but we had a late start. This past winter was extremely long and I had second thoughts about growing a vegetable garden. Anyhow, Sage – my middle granddaughter – manged to encourage me to still go ahead with growing a garden so of course, I acquiesced.

Vege Garden startersHere’s a pictures of my little seedlings (tomatoes, peppers, arugula, basil and cilantro) when they just started showing their little heads.

Vege Garden Paks

Some of them have now been transferred to the actual garden in the backyard and of course, we are excited!!

Look out for future posts with my garden at it’s different stages.

Going Green Is Easier Than You Think


Yes, friends. Going green is easier than you think. We must be environmentally conscious these days in pursuing a green lifestyle. Taking some very small steps could turn you into the go-to person for ideas on going green before you know it. Besides, there’s a plethora of information out there today on the internet, in books and in magazines to assist you if you have no idea where to begin.

One example is simply changing the lightbulbs in your home to LED and CFL bulbs. Massive yearly savings can be derived from doing this.

I pursue recycling relentlessly in my own home. (It’s a joke in the family.) I have three containers in my kitchen – one each for glass, plastic and paper. You would be surprised how quickly these containers get filled up from items you use constantly. On a Wednesday when the recycling truck rolls around, my containers are already at the curbside for pickup.

Become health-conscious and choose organic alternatives for your foods, particularly if you’re 40-plus and older. Your health as an older person depends on this.  This might not always be possible but even supporting local growers by buying from local farmers markets or even growing your own herbs and vegetables! Incidentally, growing your own is a ton of fun. You should really try it!

When shopping at the market or supermarket, bring your own reusable tote-bags. This is so much easier and you save yourself from accumulating a ton of those annoying little plastic bags that end up in a pile in your kitchen or in your car!

Take public transportation, ride or walk if you can to your destination. I loved taking the train to work back in my 9-5 days! I got a chance to sight-see, read or do a crossword puzzle while someone else did the driving! Walking to the nearest park was great for my workout routine in the Spring and Summer seasons as well and I saved, saved, saved on gas!

There are a ton of other ways to go green which I will save for another post, but friends, really look into becoming environmentally conscious and choose to use some of the many ways there are out there to go green. Our world depends on this.

Why Pursue Lifetime Exercise?

Did you know that in addition to helping you maintain a healthy weight, increasing energy, and reducing abdominal fat, life-time exercise can in fact (and particularly as we age):

1.   Increase good cholesterol (HDL) and lower triglycerides

2.   Improve heart health

3.   Reduce stress, depression, anxiety and cognitive decline

4.   Lower blood pressure and the risk of stroke

5.   Improve sleep

6.   Reduce joint pain

7.   Reduce the risk of diabetes

8.   Increase bone density, therefore reducing osteoporosis

9.   Lower the risk of many cancers

There are many other benefits with which I’m sure you’re quite familiar, but these are just some of the obvious one.

Will this convince you to get up and start moving?  I hope so.

The New Year and You

Happy New Year !! 

We’ve arrived at yet another new year and we’re again making resolutions to do and/or not to do various things in our lives. But, how many of these things have we done…or not done. Really.

In the past, I had been guilty of doing those same things too but I’m finding that as I age, it’s much easier to set goals—actually write them down—and follow through on them one by one.

Writing your goals down makes them real. You can now actually see the goal; it’s no longer just a thought. You can go ever further by breaking each goal down into various parts, for example:

– By date (one by which you want the goal to be accomplished);
– Steps to be taken towards the goal;
– Following through on each step until that goal is accomplished; and
– Moving on to the next goal when all steps in the previous goal have been accomplished.

In the minds of most people, a new year is usually a time for a fresh start. I can fully understand that. Throughout the previous year, there may have been many things in our minds that we plan to take care of. Whether it’s to lose weight, gain a few pounds, let go of someone, forgive someone, go back to school, go natural, become a vegetarian, work out more, rest more, meditate more, write a book, stop worry as much, stop eating out as much, stop drinking, stop judging, or to become debt-free (this list could go on and on), setting goals to tackle them would be much more doable. These are goals that must be written and broken down into doable steps in order to be accomplished.

I therefore say that goal setting, rather than simply making resolutions, could be an easier way out. I suggest that you try that. Let me know your thoughts.