I celebrate getting older

I celebrate getting older. I surely do! I’m wiser, happier, more healthy, all that good stuff. I find I have so many exciting things to do. It’s as if a 24-hour day is too short for me. It’s between work, school, extra-curricular activities, the grandchildren, my elderly mom,¬†having one-on-one with my three grown ups and my niece at their place…so much to do, man! If only I could take a pill and it does for my body what sleep does, you know I would be on that constantly!! Yes I would!! When my weekend comes to end, it’s as if I’m mad at the world. I wasn’t done having fun yet! How dare it come to an end!

I have friends and relatives I would love to spend more time with – enjoy a meal, the movies, dancing, or just plain old girl talk with. For my friends at work, I have just a measly one hour to work with. Imagine that!! Then my friend who worked tirelessly to put my wedding in such beautiful order – I can’t even get to see the girl! Then there’s my friend who no longer works at my office (but I’m still in touch with her). My high school friends who are spread out all over the USA. My daughter, niece and a friend my daughter worked with at another lawfirm who’s now my friend too – – all these wonderful folks. Now isn’t that crazy?¬† But, like they say – you’ve gotta make the time to do what you truly want to do. So, I’m in need of suggestions! You may be able to think of some that I can’t so feel free to throw them my way.
I’m waiting!!!!