Birthday57Yet another birthday.  My 57th (celebrated on the 24th)!

Do I feel age 57?  Well – what is age 57 even supposed to feel like? Is there any way that a person’s age is supposed to feel?  Where’s the hard and fast rule on that?  Well, irrespective of what that is supposed to be, I know I FEEL GREAT!!!!

I spent the day with my daughter and grand-daughters as they treated and chaperoned me on a tour to the CNN Center in Atlanta, Georgia.  They made excellent chaperones and what an information-filled tour it was.  Quite interesting to see how the news is made.

Of course, later on in the evening, I hung out with girlfriends and had my first Mai Tai.  That drink was sooooo good.  One more Mai Tai please!!!  My drink of choice from now on!

I’m just so excited at this point in my life.  The 30s and 40s were okay but I’m certainly enjoying my 50s.  Hey – my name isn’t 50PLUSNLUVIT for nothing…lol.  Seriously though, it’s an enjoyable era in my life.

So yeah, another year of closer to becoming age 60 (which I’m so looking forward to) and to throw myself a lovely 60th birthday party.  You will definitely be kept in the loop about it.



The New Year and You

Happy New Year !! 

We’ve arrived at yet another new year and we’re again making resolutions to do and/or not to do various things in our lives. But, how many of these things have we done…or not done. Really.

In the past, I had been guilty of doing those same things too but I’m finding that as I age, it’s much easier to set goals—actually write them down—and follow through on them one by one.

Writing your goals down makes them real. You can now actually see the goal; it’s no longer just a thought. You can go ever further by breaking each goal down into various parts, for example:

– By date (one by which you want the goal to be accomplished);
– Steps to be taken towards the goal;
– Following through on each step until that goal is accomplished; and
– Moving on to the next goal when all steps in the previous goal have been accomplished.

In the minds of most people, a new year is usually a time for a fresh start. I can fully understand that. Throughout the previous year, there may have been many things in our minds that we plan to take care of. Whether it’s to lose weight, gain a few pounds, let go of someone, forgive someone, go back to school, go natural, become a vegetarian, work out more, rest more, meditate more, write a book, stop worry as much, stop eating out as much, stop drinking, stop judging, or to become debt-free (this list could go on and on), setting goals to tackle them would be much more doable. These are goals that must be written and broken down into doable steps in order to be accomplished.

I therefore say that goal setting, rather than simply making resolutions, could be an easier way out. I suggest that you try that. Let me know your thoughts.

I Get Discounts!

I’m now eligible for discounts.  Senior citizen discounts.  Happened 6 years ago, and I’m not one of the 50-plusers who’s afraid to use them either.

One of the perks of getting to be 50 and over is that you become eligible for a boat-load of senior citizen discounts.  Often when we hear the words “senior citizen,” we think of a much older man or woman, but I’m here to tell you that that is not necessarily the case.  These days, 50-plusers are younger looking and once you hit the bit 5-0…you quality for many discounts!

I happen to know folks who refuse to use these discounts due to the fact that they are in complete denial.

I definitely capitalize on the opportunity.

Why not?  After all, I do qualify!

I get such a good laugh when I make my request for my discount to some of the cashiers in the various stores, restaurants or wherever I may happen to be.

I get the “Ma’am, this discount is for senior citizens only” or “You don’t qualify for these discounts; it’s only for senior citizens” among the many weird responses I get.  Then when I whip my driver’s license out and they take a look at my date of birth, the entire story changes.  It happens almost every single time.  I enjoy it.  I don’t even get mad.

One of my favorite places to shop is Kohl’s Department Store (@Kohls) who now has two senior citizen discount days.  Every time  I go shopping there, I have the same experience when I’m ready to pay for my purchases.   I’m wondering if the clerks are trained to discourage you at first to see if you’ll change your mind.  Doesn’t work with me.  I’m getting my discount.

Anyway, it’s a pleasure to see the many discounts you become eligible for once you hit the big 5-0 and once I hit 55, the discounts got even better.

I can imagine what they’ll be like once I hit 60!

Age is just a number

I welcome getting older.  Middle-age is a fun period.  I’m wiser and more mature, thanks to all the experiences I have had.  I feel fitter due to the fact that I’m now much more active than I was before.  I’ll even dare say that I look better than I did when I was younger!  I dress more stylish and confident than I did before too.  I often wondered, how come no one ever said anything to me about the way I dressed back then?  I wore long dreary skirts a lot, big blouses, wouldn’t dare wearing a belt around my waist, wore little or no makeup (not that you have to have gobs of makeup on); and even my general activities and social life at the time reflected that!


You may laugh at this but when I turned 30, I slipped into a serious funk…really depressed.  My thought process was…oh my gosh, the next “ty” will be forty and remembering what forty looked like on my mom — I wasn’t ready for any of that!!

That mindset went on for the next decade until I woke up out of the funk at age 40.  I just had a totally different outlook after working on myself.  I started doing different things with my hair, wearing more accessories, got more into wearing makeup, perfumes, became more outgoing and made new friends.

Then when I turned the big 50 — I threw myself an all-white birthday party which turned out to be a ton of fun!!


I’m now finding that my new outlook on aging when I turned 40 has really changed my life.

Anyone willing to share their story about getting older and your past or current thought process on same?