Older and Bolder?

Do you think that as you get older, you get bolder?

This question was asked on the Gail King show a couple mornings ago. What a question! Heck, yeah! At least for me that’s true. I used to be very shy and withdrawn as a young girl. I preferred being behind the scenes – never upfront. In all of my classrooms from kindergarten through high school, you’d never find me sitting in the first three rows of seats. Nope – not at all!

I loved to dance (still do) and would dance every chance I got. I even had a lovely voice for singing (I’m told I still do) but you would never, ever see me performing anywhere. What? People would to be looking at me! All that focus and attention I would not be able to handle. I sang and danced at home while washing dishes, while bathing or playing with my siblings so I was quite comfortable around my family – not out in the general public. I never took part in school plays, debates, Girl Scouts, dance performances…anything of that sort. I always thought that what I had to say may just “not sound right” or that I might look really silly while dancing. So much for self-confidence.

In my 20s I never wore any form of makeup. Didn’t like wearing pants. Earrings or other accessories – oh no. Shoes with heels – absolutely not! Need I say more? One thing though — my hair always looked great. That was about the only thing I didn’t mind doing – having the best hairstyle ever. But, when the compliments came (which they always did), I would blush so hard, you could almost see a deep purple in my cheeks.

And as for having a boyfriend in late middle or high school like many of my friends did…what? Who, me? I was way too shy for that. I used to wonder why everyone was so bold and outgoing. What was wrong with them? Why weren’t they low-keyed and reserved like I was?

Then BOOM – I started getting older (for me this was age 35). And as I got older, I got bolder. I would now actually sing and let other people hear me. I even performed a few years ago at a huge congress center for my workplace Idol finals!!! I couldn’t believe it myself. I started wearing makeup — real makeup. I started speaking out in any arena I had a chance, be it among friends, at work, listening to talk radio. I surprised my own self sometimes.

Now, I participate in the social media arena and actually love doing so. At events like birthdays, weddings, graduation parties – any event where there’s an opportunity to speak or pay tribute, I’m right in line to say something. I’m a totally different person now and I know that all of this is definitely because — as I got older, I got bolder!!