Downsizing: The Thing To Do As We Age

Downsizing is a growing trend for us 50-plusers.  Time for shedding, minimizing…. downsizing!  There’s so much “stuff” that we’ve accumulated over the years and we’re all wondering when did it all happen?  I know I am!  Mind you, I’m nothing near the folks that are on that television show “Hoarders.”  Hell no!!  I just love having lots of nice things and even though I do, I’m seriously organized.  I however, love to have everything in its place as much as I possibly can.

What I Did To Start Downsizing

As the years went by, I found myself becoming disgusted with having a large living space (not to mention the expense of maintaining it) and recently moved to smaller living quarters.  I’m here to tell you that I feel as if I’ve lifted a ton of bricks off me.  One of the best moves I’ve ever made.  I even rented a storage space to assist with the unloading and storage of some of the “stuff” I’ve accumulated over the years.  This will give me a place from which to leisurely sell and donate some of these items from.

Downsizing helps you and your loved ones as well.  Who wants to get old having accumulated so much that when you’ve passed, your family has the daunting task of getting rid of all you’ve accumulated over the years?  My daughter has begged me (she really didn’t have to, though) not to accumulate too much so that it all falls in her lap when I’m gone.  I’ve seen what that does to the some families and really wouldn’t want to put any of my loved ones through that.

Reasons for Downsizing

Here are some of the reasons I can think of for downsizing:

  • Letting go of items for the children you’ve saved, claiming sentiments attached
  • Pieces of furniture that are dated and you no longer use
  • Those clothes you haven’t worn in ages because you’ve either lost or gained weight
  • The children are grown and have gone off either to college or on their own
  • You can no longer find the time to take care of that large living space
  • The yard has become too much to take care of
  • The expense of utilities for a space where it’s just you that’s living there

These are just a few but there are so many other reasons we can think of to downsize our living conditions as we age.  It makes sense that we are being urged to do just that and I’m in total agreement.  Let’s free up our space and our minds as we age.Downsizing_1

I Get Discounts!

I’m now eligible for discounts.  Senior citizen discounts.  Happened 6 years ago, and I’m not one of the 50-plusers who’s afraid to use them either.

One of the perks of getting to be 50 and over is that you become eligible for a boat-load of senior citizen discounts.  Often when we hear the words “senior citizen,” we think of a much older man or woman, but I’m here to tell you that that is not necessarily the case.  These days, 50-plusers are younger looking and once you hit the bit 5-0…you quality for many discounts!

I happen to know folks who refuse to use these discounts due to the fact that they are in complete denial.

I definitely capitalize on the opportunity.

Why not?  After all, I do qualify!

I get such a good laugh when I make my request for my discount to some of the cashiers in the various stores, restaurants or wherever I may happen to be.

I get the “Ma’am, this discount is for senior citizens only” or “You don’t qualify for these discounts; it’s only for senior citizens” among the many weird responses I get.  Then when I whip my driver’s license out and they take a look at my date of birth, the entire story changes.  It happens almost every single time.  I enjoy it.  I don’t even get mad.

One of my favorite places to shop is Kohl’s Department Store (@Kohls) who now has two senior citizen discount days.  Every time  I go shopping there, I have the same experience when I’m ready to pay for my purchases.   I’m wondering if the clerks are trained to discourage you at first to see if you’ll change your mind.  Doesn’t work with me.  I’m getting my discount.

Anyway, it’s a pleasure to see the many discounts you become eligible for once you hit the big 5-0 and once I hit 55, the discounts got even better.

I can imagine what they’ll be like once I hit 60!