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Still Partying at 50-Plus

PaaartyLast night I went to my friend Janet's 50th birthday and what a splash it was!

Janet is the baby in my girlfriend group so she is just now turning 50 and loving it.  In fact, most of the guests there had already turned 50 so it was a nice, mature atmosphere.

We rode around in a limo for an hour, just vibing, toasting, laughing and having a super wonderful girlfriends time.  The limo then took us to a lovely nearby park for pictures which we took in sex-in-the-city style!  Woo wee!!

Who says you can't party like you used to once you turn 50?  Well, whoever did is very wrong!  The dance floor was filled all night and was never empty at any point.  No matter the genre of music that was played, we were dancing like crazy to everyone of them.

The ambiance, food, cake and drinks, the mingling that went on, the guests there, the music ...everything was really wonderful.

Parties for 50-plusers are super enjoyable so if you ever get the chance to attend one, don't ever pass it up!

  • Sounds like you ladies had a blast! Can we see some pictures on this post? That would be so lovely!

  • We sure did. Pictures are coming up so watch for my next post.