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Spring time!!!

Love is a flower that the Spring-time (in the Spring-time...)  An oldie-but-goodie song from back in the 70s.  Springflowers2014

Spring is almost everyone's favorite season (with Fall running a strong second place).    Just like the fresh new  blossoms and flowers that burst out at this time, its is a time for me to get out of the house and spend as much of my time as I possibly can outdoors.  That's what I do every Spring.  I think I could easily win first prize for being the happiest person in this whole wide world to see Spring...I'm sure about that one!

You see during the Winter season, almost all of my time is spent indoors (I hibernate!).  The thing is that being the tropical bird I am, I'm not-- and will not ever be-- a person who can stand the coldness that Winter brings.   Therefore things like my workout routine suffers quite a bit as I'm a full-fledged outdoor junkie.  Mind you, I do workout indoors but the fact that I can't be outdoors walking, skipping, running, gardening or doing any of my other outdoor routines, is almost crippling to me as a middle-aged woman who adores being outside.

I'm one of the first ones checking to see when it's Groundhog Day so I can see what this little fellow has to tell me about my favorite season!  Lol...  This year, he didn't tell me what I wanted to hear so the suffering continued a bit longer.  Even now --the fourth week in April--the mornings are still too cold for me to go outdoors to do anything at all ; and not to mention the pollen!!!   The darn pollen count has been through the roof and I'm finding that as I get older, it's starting to affect me.  Not being one to take any kind of medication unless it becomes absolutely necessary, I find that staying indoors when the count is high is the best way for me to battle the high pollen count.

Thankfully, there are days when we are blessed with some rainfall (and it has been quite a few so far this season).  These welcoming showers wash away the pollen after which I happily throw myself outside as soon as the rain stops.  Nice, clean, crisp, refreshing air to walk, run, jump, skip, hoola-hoop and just breathe in!

So now it seems that Spring is now ready for this 50-pluser and she is ready for it as well.  Spring baby!!!  I welcome you!!