Reinventing Ourselves As We age

stage_145Gone are the days when aging or getting older meant slowing down and diminishing health.  Nowadays for many of us, it means time for reinventing ourselves.

Here are some of the things I did to reinvent myself:

-I quit the dreary 9-5 routine and started my own company working from home, that has the potential of  earning even more than I was making.  Instead of working towards “retirement”, I did what felt best to me and that was to re-career.  I’m no longer sitting at a desk for hours on end but instead, am out and about servicing my local clients, attending seminars and workshops and networking.  I will only sit at a desk at times that I have chosen to get that portion of my work done.  It’s great to have a choice.

-I’m able to take care of my aging mother without the stress and strain of wondering how she might be doing during the daytime while I’m miles away from home.  She now has a part-time caregiver that assists with her care while I’m there at home.

-I cut my hair and discontinued the chemical processing torture that I subjected my scalp to for decades…yes, decades.

-I can and do travel for more than 2 -3 days at at a time without worrying if my job will be “safe” upon my return if I overstay.

-I workout at whatever time of day I choose and am not stuck with just late evenings or weekends only to do so.

-I changed my diet to a more healthful one eating mostly fruits, vegetables, whole grains, etc.  As a result, I feel much better and my numbers are great every time I go to get my annual physical checkup done.

-My love for dancing and singing has been revived as I now have more time to practice.  I’m even learning to play the keyboard and the bass guitar as well.

-Lunch dates with friends and family are now had on a regular basis, allowing for more connection with them.  This is a big difference from a rushed three-quarters of an hour lunch for sure!

As I said before, these are just some of the things I’m now able to do since I reinvented myself.

Folks, this is also the perfect time to pursue a life-long passion you may have had for something.  Why not channel that passion into something you may be able to earn from and totally enjoy doing?  If you’re not in need of the money, try volunteering.  You will always be needed somewhere, not to mention the fact that you would be giving back while you’re enjoying what you’re doing.

As we age we really should make it the time for reinvention — not the time for slowing down.  The old adage “age is just a state of mind” holds true for me and should for all of us 50-plusers as well.  In fact, I really don’t look at myself as “getting older.”  I feel even 15 years younger and that’s why I chose to reinvent myself the moment the mid-50s came around.  I refuse to slow down and wait to retire as used to be the norm back in the day.  In fact, I don’t believe I ever will!


  • Glen T

    Great article Valerie. You are a true example of living life to the fullest. I love your new hair cut.

  • Hi Glen. Thanks for your kind words, Glen and I appreciate you reading my post. Have a wonderful day!