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My ReclaimRebel Wellness Journey (Days 1 – 6)

ReclaimRebelBannerI have decided to join four fellow rebel-reclaimers (Akilah Richards of,  Trelani Hall Duncan of,  Katrina Harrell @NovemberSage and Monique Halley of ) in reclaiming my temple and rebelling against the trend of the unwell.  I had only recently (over the last year or so)  made a decision to eat less gluten, more fruits and vegetable, and to cut down significantly on sugar, but I nevertheless enthusiastically welcome this Reclaim Rebellion journey.  This will certainly serve to bolster my decision and will be right in line with my aging-well lifestyle that I've embraced.

This is a 38-day journey broken down as follows:

-- 7 days of transitioning into the journey

-- 1 day of water fasting

-- 20 days fruitarianism

-- 5 days vegan

-- 5 days vegetarian

Days 1 through 6 were quite easy and helped me get a better grasp on my wellness journey, particularly as a 50-plus woman.

I started eating even more fruits and vegetables by replacing at least one daily meal with a fruit or with a vegetable salad.  Having a fruit-only meal is really is! Watermelon for lunch is filling, refreshing, nourishing, satisfying...ok -- let me stop!  Another example is eating an entire pineapple for breakfast, then drinking lots of water afterwards.  Super delicious!  Other times I had a green vegetable salad (lettuce or kale with cucumbers) for dinner, and used a blend of mango and tomato as my salad dressing.  Extremely delicious.  These choices are in direct lining with my impending 20 days of fruitarianism.ReclaimRebel1

I'm ready-- both physically and psychologically.

Ready for how great I will feel.  Ready for the weight I will lose.  Ready for the feeling of satisfaction I will get from sticking steadfastly to a journey that's rewarding to my health and well-being in more ways than one.

Join me as I chronicle this life-changing journey.  You may be tempted to try it.  In fact, I'm hoping you will.