Preventive Care for the 40-plus and over

So I had my annual physical done today and am happy to have that over and done with for another year. Preventive care, once you hit the 40s, is extremely important. I’m sure you already know this.

What you’re actually doing by exercising preventive care, is preparing for a healthier tomorrow. We all would love to have a healthier tomorrow, don’t we? The we must keep abreast and in tuned with what’s going on with our own bodies.

You might be surprised as to what can happen in a year – the date you had your last physical to the date your next one comes around. Remember that many diseases are age-related hence the reason for staying on top of things. Things like diabetes, high blood pressure, osteoporosis, stroke, cancer, high cholesterol, vision impairment, hearing impairment, heart conditions – just to name a few. When you stay abreast and manage your own health, you’re prolonging your own life. If, for example, the doctor warns you about your numbers regarding becoming pre-diabetic getting a bit close, you have a strong chance of not getting the disease at all if you properly manage your health. This scenario actually happened to a friend of mine. She was determined that she was NOT going to have it and she got to work, managing her health to keep that number down!

If you follow some of the general rules of staying healthy, i.e., eating healthfully, staying active, not smoking, drink plenty of water, reduce stress and anxiety levels, maintain a healthy weight, etc., you are bound to stay ahead of the health game.

Despite probably being genetically predisposed to any of the various diseases, I believe that if we make the decision to properly manage our own health, we’re doing our own selves a huge medical favor.

I’m a firm believer in preventive care and try to live accordingly. My parents always had a saying which I have held steadfast to over the years: β€œAn ounce of prevention is BETTER than a pound of care.” Powerful statement, isn’t it?