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New Year, New Hair


After fighting with my hair year in and year out, I’ve decided to make the plunge and go right back to wearing my hair in its natural form.  I’m finding that as I age, I’m urged to embrace a simple motto: Anything that causes me too much angst or stress, has to go!

The managing of my hair is one of those items on the has-to-go list.  I’m blessed with very thick and strong hair, just like my mother’s (my daughter and first granddaughter are the happy recipients of it too).  I’ve always felt like my hair required more than the normal care because of its thickness, but I’m learning that there is no “normal” care; there’s just me, my hair, and my choice to care for it, just as I cared for my children and grandchildren—and they are as “abnormal” as they come (in fantastic ways!)

When I was as a young girl, I was the envy of many of my peers.  I wore my hair natural with a variety of styles that looked really great on me.  Somehow though, as I got older, manageability became an issue, and a serious one too.  I had to turn to hairdressers for help but then it became very difficult to find a hairdresser who could satisfactorily do my hair.  When I finally found one, some life circumstance of theirs would pop up and they would either move or go out of business.  I would then try to do my hair myself in-between stylists, but that never worked out too well.  I kept it chemically straightened so it would be easier for me to handle but even with a perm, it would never look as great as when it was done by a stylist.

I’ve cut it really short, I’ve grown it out completely, I’ve worn braids, weaves, wigs … you name it, I’ve done it.  I’m now at a point where it has become too expensive to have it done chemically but most importantly, I’m at the point where I no longer desire to have chemicals on my scalp anymore.

As a middle-aged woman, I’ve started loving and appreciating myself a whole lot more than I used to.  I’m much more active (I work out regularly and joined a performance group), I eat better (less meat, more vegetables and fruits), I sleep more (I go to bed earlier), I’ve eliminated several stressful situations, (that includes working a nine-to-five job which I’ve done for over three decades), so the urge to appreciate and love my natural hair was the next best thing to do.

Are you going through that transition stage?  If you are, or have gone through it in the past, tips and resources are welcome here!



(One of my many chops back in the day)