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Being Nervous and Fearful Does Hold You Back

ValerieHeadshotHave you ever had a day when everything went...right?  When everything you did and said just turned out right for you?

Today was such a day for me.  Nothing planned, just flowed with the tide of each thing that I did and by golly, I got the exact results I wanted.

I'm finding that as I get older, if anything I do is done without fear, tension, nervousness, apprehension, concern, the thought of what others will think...all that negative "stuff", I get great results.  I've gotten bolder and couldn't care less about what others think.

One example is being interviewed for any reason.  I HATE interviews!  I would get nervous, fearful, tongue-tied, forget the questions I planned to ask, and sweaty palms.  Well, I had an interview for a project today and it was one of the easiest ones I've ever done.  I did a quick review of the company online before going in and had in mind the questions I was going to ask.  I didn't even bother writing them down like I normally would.  I walked in, sat down, chit-chatted with the interviewers as if I knew them before, they volunteered information and I simply asked questions along the line of the information given...really vibed well with the ladies.  At the end of it, I thanked them both, shook their hands and left.  I felt great!

I got out of the building and was still on my way home when I received a call from their office, saying how much they loved me!  That I made them comfortable and that they didn't feel like I was a person they were meeting for the very first time.  I thought "wow, it's so much easier being yourself and not try to change into this fearful, nervous soul in everything I do."  It worked for me!

Wish I had adhered to this way of thinking earlier in my life.  Anyway, better late than never.  Right?