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My First 5-Mile Walk

I went walking around the mountain at Stone Mountain Park last Sunday. That was 5 miles long and it took me approximately 1 hour and 25 minutes to do so. This was my very first time walking these many miles so it was not that easy for me to do. After completing three-quarters of the journey, I needed to quit right then and there because I didn’t think I could go any further. I searched around for a bench, a wall, a huge rock - anything I could sit on to give my tired aching legs an ease - but to no avail. I’m sure this was by design by the folks who maintain the park.

Anyway, I got home, took a nice long bath, had supper and headed to bed. What a great feeling! I felt good! Why had I not been doing this all along? I couldn’t even begin to answer the question. Both of my entire legs felt as if every muscle had been worked so I know they were thanking me.

I got up this morning feeling slightly sore in both legs, but nothing to complain about. I have now set the pace to continue walking this 5-mile stretch on a regular basis, and for me this is at least twice per week.

Along with my 3-days-per-week workout at #Curves Fitness and #Zumba dance classes every other Saturday, I believe my fitness regimen is a good one -- for now. So…are you proud of me yet?