Mom Hangs On

IMG_5563It’s been a while since I’ve updated you on mom.  She’ll be 94 years old in four months and doing pretty well if I may say so!

She converses and jokes around pretty well but often goes off into things she has already said.  Very often too.  We understand and we let her.

Her appearance is a bit different now though.  She’s thinner now – not underweight though.  She eats well.  Asking for seconds is a regular thing.

Her eyes are quite glossy.  We’re told this is to be expected.  She’s slower too; gets up slower and walks around slower.

But let me tell you, her mouth has not slowed down!  She can get feisty in a hot minute and we find it quite funny.  We love it though.

Only about two years ago, we were planning her funeral as she had gotten so sick.  She however overcame all that and promptly told us “Fooled you, didn’t I?”  She’s something else!  We were so glad to have her back (so to speak).  This is one of the times that you feel really great as a caregiver.

The family and and some of our long-time friends visit her on a regular basis so she gets no time to feel lonely.

We’re thankful as she hangs on and gets to meet her great-grands each time a new one comes along.