Memorial Weekend Road Trip

Tenn2014_2So off I went again on another road trip (you know how I love those), this time to Tennessee to visit baby brother and family this Memorial Day weekend. He’s a veteran in the US Army and I wanted to be in a military atmosphere to celebrate this memorable day. Clarkesville, Tennessee is a military town and wonderful place to be. Tenn2014_3

Tennessee is beautiful — at least the part of Tennessee that I always visit. That’s Clarkesville. It’s quiet, calm, beautiful, wide open land, greenery everywhere…just a wonderful place to be.

Tweeting birds and scampering bunnies are all over the place. The smell of honeysuckle fills the air almost everywhere you go. Yards are well kept with carefully manicured gardens, and lots of land space front and back for frolicking.


Another great aspect of my road trip is the interesting sightings along the way. How I wish that I could capture them all to share with you! People are really interesting and creative for sure. Tenn2014_4

This atmosphere fits right in with my 50-plus lifestyle with my love for the outdoors. As a baby-boomer, I don’t like being indoors all the time; gotta have my outdoorsie time! My parents and other elders in my family mostly spent their time indoors but that’s just not my style.

I’ve traveled to other states but none satisfies me more when it comes to just wanting to be outside for an entire day like Clarkesville, Tennessee does. The Caribbean does this for me as well – but that’s outside of the United States.  It’s usually my place to be each 4th of July.  However, I couldn’t resist the temptation to be there this Memorial Day weekend to get a full whiff of Spring there.

Road trips are invigorating.  As I age, I crave all the things that keeps my mind fresh and road trips are one of the many things that does this for this middle-ager.  In fact, many middle-agers go full-force into road trips.  For example, in this picture above of this couple riding the yellow motorbike, they were middle-agers going on a joy ride.  In fact, we saw several of them along the way – some with music playing while whisking by.

I wonder if I would be brave enough to hop on one of these.  Hmmm…my middle-aged crisis setting in here?