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Making Decisions As We Age

Have you ever made a decision and acted upon that decision the minute it came to you? Right there on the spot! Snap—boom—done!! 

I did that recently. I was in the middle of working on a project I've been immersed in for several weeks, and all of a sudden I  just didn't feel good in that space anymore. I immediately stopped what I was doing, put everything down and made the very swift decision to be over and done with it right there on the spot (while brushing both palms up and down).

All of a sudden, that task no longer served me. It just didn't make sense to me anymore...physically, emotionally nor financially. So, why waste anymore of my precious time that I have now learned to value so much? The answer to that was very easy.

You see, this was not my story as a younger woman. Back then, I spent way too long thinking, lingering and pondering and therefore wasted precious time, on situations, and relationships that didn't serve me, and either never acted upon them or took way to long to make a move. As a result, I stayed in relationships that didn't make sense, in jobs that I shouldn't have, and overall did things and made moves that I really shouldn't have made, many of which turned out to be some regretful situations.

As I got older, the decision-making process became easier because I remember how they made me feel. Fear, anger, many years lost. It was time for that to be over. One of the best decisions I've ever made in my life...the decision to improve on my decision-making process. Makes sense?

Folks as we age, we must be in spaces that serves us, in relationships that makes us happy, doing things that improves and continues to improve us, that will benefit us, that will enhance us, that will feed us, that will nourish us, that will be FOR US! The 50plus era is a great time to start (if you haven't yet started) so that the remainder of your years will be the best ones ever.

My message to you is this: Say no to something or someone if you have to. Remove yourself from spaces and relationships that no longer serve you.

After all, your life—the rest of your life—could depend on your decision-making process.