I Made The Plunge!

Folks, I made the plunge! I left the corporate world.  Caregiver issues for my 92 year-old mother became insurmountable and I had to make a big decision.  Should I give up my nine-to-five legal assistant position and stay home with my mom until such time as she passes?  
The answer was an emphatic and resounding “Yes!”  It was the thing to do — the ONLY thing to do.  This woman took care of my children and my three siblings’ children during our various absences.  There was no second-guessing the answer to the question.

In addition, I had grown tired of working the 9-to-5 schedule.  All three and a half decades of it!  I wanted my time back.  I wanted to wake up when my body felt like waking up — not according to the alarm clock.  I wanted to stop the regular morning routine of getting a little workout in, preparing breakfast for me and mom, driving to the park-and-ride to catch the train, then catching the bus that would take me right to the front door of the office.  I got so tired of that routine.  I wanted my own time back.
Now, I wake up according to my internal clock.  I prepare and enjoy a healthy breakfast because I now have the time to do it.  I take mid-day strolls in a park of my choice.  I go to my performance group rehearsals ready to work — not tired from working all day. I have no boss.  I feel F-R-E-E!!!

I wouldn’t trade this for the world!  Staying home to take care of mom and to just do anything I want to do on my own time has got to be the best decision I have every made in my lifetime.

On my ooooown. Once again. One more time.  By myyyyself!!! ~Patti LaBelle~