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Holiday Tribute From the Grand Girls

My grand daughters wrote the loveliest poem as a holiday tribute to their grandparents, which includes myself, their paternal grandmother and both grandfathers.  It was heart-warming and was mostly written by the oldest, Marley - age 7, with inputs from Sage - age 5.  It brought tears to my eyes when it was being presented to me.  I had no idea they noticed the little things they mentioned in the poem.  Who says that little children don't really pay attention?  Well, whoever said that, lied.

The girls are truly blessed and they know it.  They have both sets of grandparents who are alive and well, and who are also very much involved in their lives.  Most people my age, and that includes me, never had a relationship with a grandparent.  My maternal grandmother and paternal grandfather passed away in the 1940s - way before I was even thought of.  My paternal grandmother and maternal grandfather both lived until I was about 6 years old so I had a chance to meet and play with them a bit.  I miss not having a lengthy and fun-loving relationship with them, the way my three grand daughters do with me and their other grandparents now.

I am thankful for them and they are extremely thankful us as well.