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Hair in this decade

MoreMag1213This month's More Magazine ( had a great article entitled "Your Best Hair at 30, 40, 50, 60" written by Genevieve Monsma.  I was all over it and in particular, the section regarding the 50s.

The article read: "During this decade is when most women go through menopause, which leaves hair drier, that grays dominate, making hair coarser and duller than it was 10 years ago."

I had just gone to the hairdresser only yesterday, frustrated that my hair seemed to be thinning, and even though it had grown out from my usual short, sharp, layered look which I had worn for decades, I still didn't want to cut it again.  In fact, I'm planning to go natural and grow the entire thing out.  She then recommended that I keep it in a bob, and that I must now use rollers to give it volume and lift my hair off my scalp.

Would you believe that it was the same thing writer Genevieve Monsma recommended for hair in the 50s era? Her exact words as written in the article are: "Go for a cut that has body and movement.  Anything else would be aging.  And if you've never used rollers before, now is the time.  The goal is to lift the hair off the scalp."  Exactly what the stylist recommended!

I now have to get used to sleeping with rollers at nights now.  Let's see how that works out.