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Going Green Is Easier Than You Think


Yes, friends. Going green is easier than you think. We must be environmentally conscious these days in pursuing a green lifestyle. Taking some very small steps could turn you into the go-to person for ideas on going green before you know it. Besides, there's a plethora of information out there today on the internet, in books and in magazines to assist you if you have no idea where to begin.

One example is simply changing the lightbulbs in your home to LED and CFL bulbs. Massive yearly savings can be derived from doing this.

I pursue recycling relentlessly in my own home. (It's a joke in the family.) I have three containers in my kitchen - one each for glass, plastic and paper. You would be surprised how quickly these containers get filled up from items you use constantly. On a Wednesday when the recycling truck rolls around, my containers are already at the curbside for pickup.

Become health-conscious and choose organic alternatives for your foods, particularly if you're 40-plus and older. Your health as an older person depends on this.  This might not always be possible but even supporting local growers by buying from local farmers markets or even growing your own herbs and vegetables! Incidentally, growing your own is a ton of fun. You should really try it!

When shopping at the market or supermarket, bring your own reusable tote-bags. This is so much easier and you save yourself from accumulating a ton of those annoying little plastic bags that end up in a pile in your kitchen or in your car!

Take public transportation, ride or walk if you can to your destination. I loved taking the train to work back in my 9-5 days! I got a chance to sight-see, read or do a crossword puzzle while someone else did the driving! Walking to the nearest park was great for my workout routine in the Spring and Summer seasons as well and I saved, saved, saved on gas!

There are a ton of other ways to go green which I will save for another post, but friends, really look into becoming environmentally conscious and choose to use some of the many ways there are out there to go green. Our world depends on this.