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Food Garden for Spring 2014

My food garden is growing and I'm feeling so proud!  I'm a big supporter of eating locally and also of growing what you eat, and eating what you grow.  It is a known fact that we must have good eating habits (if we haven't already) as we age.  It's never too late to start so even starting in your 50s is fine -- but start somewhere.

Every Spring, I have the custom of planting a food garden at my daughter and her family's house. My granddaughters and son-in-law would jump right in and get their knees and hands all dirty to make the garden happen. This year, it's being done at my house but we had a late start. This past winter was extremely long and I had second thoughts about growing a vegetable garden. Anyhow, Sage - my middle granddaughter - manged to encourage me to still go ahead with growing a garden so of course, I acquiesced.

Vege Garden startersHere's a pictures of my little seedlings (tomatoes, peppers, arugula, basil and cilantro) when they just started showing their little heads.

Vege Garden Paks

Some of them have now been transferred to the actual garden in the backyard and of course, we are excited!!

Look out for future posts with my garden at it's different stages.

  • Glen T

    I love your garden idea.... I already started my vegetable garden here in Florida am already pleased with my handy works.

    • Oh good for you, Glen. I know you can relate to the feeling of eating from your own vegetable garden. Good for you!!! Thanks for reading my blog as well.

  • It's such a wonderful way to stay connected to who you've always been! I know you to be a lover of plants, the outdoors, and nature in general. This garden allows you to immerse yourself in your "You-ness", feed yourself and your family with real food, and (the part I love the most), your grand-daughters are benefiting from the passing on of your green-thumb skills! Love it! Great post, Mom!

    • Thank you so much. I'm in a different zone when I'm gardening and particularly as someone in their 50s, I thoroughly enjoy doing it. #lifedesign #50pluslifestyle