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Fitness For Life

I have taken the “fitness thing” even much more seriously these days.  You’d be so proud of me!  You see, I’m on a fitness-for-life mission here!
I joined a gym (and yes, I’m actually going to my workouts) and have even signed up with a Personal Trainer there for 28 weeks. Was that the best investment I’ve ever made in myself?  Emphatically, yes!  I’m totally enjoying the workouts and my body feels oh so great!
Now mind you, I got the “do you really need a trainer?” and the “you could have saved your money and work out at home” feedback from some folks.  I know they mean well, but I believe I really needed the discipline and accountability that comes with actually having a trainer.  Not sure about others but that is what works for me.  I certainly don’t see it as throwing money away; actually I see it as investment in myself.
It’s working out beautifully so far.  I train twice per week with my trainer , do yoga and Pilates each once per week, strength/resistance training on either Friday evening or Saturday mornings, and go walking for a minimum of three miles on Sunday afternoons.  It is such a wonderful feeling!
If I miss a day of working out, I actually feel very guilty, but that’s the kind of guilt I definitely don’t mind having.

I’m not trying to enter the Miss Universe contest or any such undertaking.  I’m simply trying to live a healthy, disease-free, active, and quality-filled life.

My mom is in her 92nd year and is disease-free.  She merely complains from time to time, of bodily aches (knees, shoulders, etc.) and pains.  Most of her siblings had either diabetes and/or high blood pressure and have passed away as a result of same.  Her only living sibling -- her baby brother -- has these same problems and is currently having a difficult time, unlike her.  My dad had diabetes and high blood pressure problems as well and he and all of his siblings passed away due to these diseases.  I’m therefore doubly genetically predisposed.
So that’s why staying as fit and as healthy as I can is not an option, but instead, a necessity for me.
  • I hear you Val! Whatever gets you going whether it's right for other folks or not. Sometimes you need something -- in this case, a personal trainer -- to get you back on track. And once the training is over and you're looking FINE and feeling even better, you'll continue on your own. I wish you the best! Maybe we can walk together on one of those Sunday afternoons.