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Making time to do things…

As I continue in my role of caregiver, mother, grandmother, sibling, auntie, student, friend, member of the greatest Caribbean folk singing group (more roles to be added as I go along), I'm finding that ... wow - I do have the time to do the things I want and love to do. Over the years, my eldest brother Max (love him forever) always had this ready response of "I don't have the time, man!" to say to anyone when asked how come he didn't do such and such. I would laugh and say to him "you mean you won't make the time!" I used to believe him! I used to believe that no one can possibly do more than a certain amount of things in a given day. What a myth!! Personally, I wish I had more waking hours in a day (I try to maximize mine but end of paying for it when sleep comes knocking). There is soooooo much you can do if you properly organize your time!

I've created a schedule for myself. Each year for the last five years, I purchase a calendar - the book form - which shows the whole month and enough space for each day to make my entries. I cannot survive without my calendar! I use the calendar in Outlook quite a bit as well and the reminders in it helps me tremendously. My calendar has an entry for everything so when I make my schedule it includes classes, homework time, study time, sewing lessons (yes, doing this again as I loved it as a young girl and plan to start doing alterations and garment construction again), work out, personal grooming (hair, brow, nails, etc.), time with the PYT's (my grand-daughters), singing practice, medical/dental appts., visiting and bonding with my adult children, calling or hanging with my siblings and girlfriends, etc. Yes - I schedule each and every one of these activities! It really, really works when done this way! I'm now seeing where pockets of time in the day were previously being wasted and I now look forward to checking my calendar every day because I know what's coming up ahead. Why didn't someone tell me this before?