Are you confused diet-wise?  Most of us are…and if you noticed, I said “us.”  There are so many different diets out there and different ones work for different people.

Which ones have you tried?  I have tried Atkins, Weight Watchers, Nutrisystem, Paleo and am now about to try the 80/10/10.  I can tell you that I have lost weight with every one that I have tried, but still have not found one that I would stick to for life.  I’m hoping that this latest one will do the trick.
The 80/10/10 (80% carbohydrates, 10% proteins, 10% fats) diet looks similar to the lifestyle I have now adopted – eat a plant-based diet and stick with that permanently.  Not sure if I can do raw with some vegetables though.  Even nuking some of my veges a tad bit is what would work for me.
I can eat fruits all day long.  Most people can, I believe.  Being a Caribbean native where there was a plethora of fruits, there were days when all I ate were fruits – for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks!  Now for vegetables – somewhat the same except that they would probably go alongside a meal.  I was a skinny girl growing up as a result of this way of eating.
Now as a mature 50-plus adult, I’m heading back into that same direction.  It worked back then and I’m sure it will work now.
How about you? Which ones have you tried?  Which ones worked?

Gardening with the grand-girls!

We had our second annual “Gardening with Grandma” event yesterday and the beautiful weather we had enabled us to go full speed ahead with our project. We (me, all three girls, their moms and one dad) happily headed off to Home Depot and Lowe’s to shop for our fruit and vegetable garden. This year we planned on planting lettuce, carrot, tomato, eggplant and kale. Between both stores were able to get everything except the kale. I’m still hunting them down in the interim. We also picked up a strawberry and a grape plant. Hopefully someday the girls can have their own strawberry patch and vineyard to pick from! GardeningPYTs5-15-10


We arrived home and the girls could not wait to dig in! That’s a picture of Sage and me laying out the carrot seeds. Of course I got a lesson on not being scared of earthworms as the noise I made when the first one appeared made them look at me as if to say, “What is her problem?” I’M SCARED OF ANYTHING THAT WIGGLES!!!! That’s my problem!! Has always been!

My first encounter with a wriggler was at age 8 when my mom gave me some beans to open up their pods and wash them. Out came this feisty green worm and let me tell you! The whole container (peas, pods, worm and all) went flying high up into the air, followed by the most blood-curdling scream you ever heard! What? Have a worm crawl on my hand? Are you nuts? They probably would have to bury me that day! I was scared sick!!! Since that day all wrigglers – worms, caterpillars, snakes, maggots – whatever they may be – were enemies of mine. The earthworm was no different. Just let me see one wriggling across the sidewalk or in the yard anywhere. Usain Bolt – you try to catch me!! It’s bad – really bad and the children saw my response to the earthworm and gave me a thorough lesson. “Grandma! Worms are good for the soil! You’re scaring them!” The nerve of them! I’M SCARING THE WORMS! They weren’t even worried about me!! They were worried about the darn worm!!! Well I never!!!! However, to my surprise, I was able to continue gardening (with gloves on of course) even after a few of them lazily slithered on by. I had to keep it down for the girls’ sake – and so I did.

Anyhow, the girls each got their turn at digging the area, planting the sucker or seed, covering them with soil, then mulch and the grand finale – watering them all! They absolutely loved it! Little Amayah (the youngest) served mostly as the security guard, yelling at Sage to “get back over here, Sagie” when Sage tried sauntering off a bit, and “Marley, wait until Grandma says yes” when Marley tried watering before it was time. It was so much fun with them!

They are now anxiously awaiting the appearance of the tiny suckers so they can see their own handiworks. Last year the girls (except the youngest – Amayah – she was still too young) planted eggplant, peppers, tomatoes, thyme and sage and were ecstatic watching them all grow. Even more exciting to them was eating what they grew!! So the journey has begun and you’ll be kept abreast at the various stages – the growing, reaping, eating…the whole nine!