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Building Resilience!

Change is inevitable in almost all aspects of, but particularly in, our personal lives. You therefore must learn how to adapt to change and thrive, rather than just...survive. Really! Most of the times these changes that come about, did so quite unexpectedly. What then must you do? Keel over? Oh absolutely not!

Usually by the time you get to being in your 50s, you would probably have already gone through a ton of changes. Changes from all angles - that is. Changes at work having to deal with bosses and their various personalities. Coworkers - the same. Changing jobs due to downsizing, firing, frustration, relocation or probably health reasons. Changes at home -- with our spouses or significant other (separation, divorce, incompatibility, etc.). Changes in the process of raising our children -- illness, grades in school, behavioral issues - you name it. This list of changes that could come your way could be endless.

But you must - you must - be resilient. For the sake of your sanity. For the sake of your health. For the sake of setting an example for younger ones around you so they can see that indeed, these matters can be overcome. That, to me, is of great importance. My children and grandchildren MUST see how resilient I can be in any given situation! And I have been doing just that throughout my entire life. My three adult children can attest to this (even though I get teased quite a bit about some of it)! It's okay! Because at the end of it all, they saw that I was a tough cookie and that life indeed did go on!

Why not do the same for yourself? Grab those matters of life that are sure to come your way by the horn and overcome them by one! Show everyone how resilient you indeed are!