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The Anti-Aging Benefits of Green Tea

TeaGreenI’m sure you’ve heard over and over about the many benefits of drinking green tea.  In case you haven’t, here are some of the results of several studies.

Green tea blasts fat!  According to these studies, it is recommended that you have two or more servings of green tea daily, and in three or so months you may notice some weight loss.

Green tea is a cancer fighter! These studies also say that drinking three or more cups of green tea per week for at least six months, actually lowers the risk for cancers of the digestive system in women by 14 percent.

These same studies further go on to say that green tea improves your memory and even cuts those blood sugar spikes we often get!  Green tea contains Epigallocatechin Gallate (EGCG) which is a powerful anti-oxidant polyphenol, which is excellent for the brain. The same EGCG blocks the enzyme needed for us to digest many of the starchy foods we often consume.

Polyphenols help also to repair cell damage, which is very important as we age.  Green tea leaves are not baked during the production process, so they retain more active catechins (a powerful antioxidant group) than black tea.

As we get older, and particularly if you’re someone that’s living with osteoporosis, it is recommended that we switch to green so that its phytochemicals can stimulate bone formation and help slow its breakdown.  In one study, certain green tea components boosted an enzyme that promotes bone growth and blocked the activity of cells that weaken bones.

Is all this information enough for you to start drinking green tea?  It should be.  There are many brands and types of green teas around and they can be found everywhere these days.  This should be a part of our daily regimen as middle-age people.  I have been drinking green tea on a regular basis at least for the last 5 years and I thoroughly enjoy doing so.  Make the switch today--if you haven't yet.  Will you?