So glad you decided to stop by!

I’m Val, and I’m the primary voice behind this site.  The Other Side of Midlife is my ongoing celebration of turning 50 and beyond, facing myself, and deciding to significantly shift my life from okay to incredible!

I started this site to connect with women and men who are fellow 50plusers, and who share my zest for life, and my appreciation for aging without losing touch with our vibrancy, our joy, and our fun-side!

When I turned 50, I threw myself an all-white birthday party, celebrating this great event in my life.  I had never felt, looked nor dressed better than I did when I was younger, and at this milestone, found that I had the brightest outlook on life ever!

On this site, I’ll share everything I have learned and continue to learn about engaging in the practices that increase my quality of life. After all, I’ve raised babies, survived turmoil, lost myself, and eventually came back to me. Now, I’m sharing my stories as a beacon for those of you who know that life truly begins at 50!

Feel free to peruse the site, and be sure to comment on the posts with your own 50plus wisdom, okay? In the meantime, remember that age is just a number, and not something to be scared  or ashamed of.

My philosophy is simple: you’re as young a you feel, and I’m now 50plus and loving the heck out of this era of my life, and inviting you to join me as I celebrate!